Ray-On Series: Technologies

DGRC & passive filter

The Ray-On range includes four passive column loudspeakers in 20 cm, 70 cm, 1.10 and 2.10 meters based on the patented DGRC technology. This innovation delivers consistent sound coverage and the superior clarity and sound quality traditionally found in high-end controlled directivity systems.

The fine mesh grill gives the sleek and sophisticated speakers an even texture and color, meaning that they blend seamlessly into the chosen environment.

DGRC principle DGRC principle


When PA systems are used as voice alarm systems (such as an evacuation in case of a fire), speakers must conform to the EN 54-24 standard: Type A is for indoor applications, while Type B refers to outdoor applications. This is often the case with railway stations, airports and other transport hubs.

The Ray-On columns are fitted with outdoor-rated speakers, thermal fuses, ceramic terminal blocks and fire-resistant cables. They are made from an aluminum structure. The entire Ray-On range conforms to EN 54-24 Type B.