Ray-On+ Series : Technologies

DGRC & Dante

The Ray-On+ range includes three self-powered column loudspeakers in 70 cm, 1.10 and 2.10 meters based on the patented DGRC technology. This innovation delivers consistent sound coverage and the superior clarity and sound quality traditionally found in high-end controlled directivity systems.

The fine mesh grill gives the sleek and sophisticated speakers an even texture and color, meaning that they blend seamlessly into the chosen environment.

DGRC principle


Dante enabled

With Dante™, Audinate has revolutionized how AV systems are connected. By transporting high-resolution signals over standard computer networks, Dante™ has finally brought affordability and reliability to audio over IP.

Ray-On+ users will appreciate the sound performance achieved by the loss-free transmission of digital signals as well as the virtual absence of latency – less than one millisecond. In addition to delivering pure performance, Dante™ provides superior flexibility and real-time diagnostics of the installation.

Ray-On+ also supports the use of existing network cables and saves significant money on wiring with up to 64 channels over a single Ethernet cable. Ray-On+ combines the qualities of Dante™ and Ray-On to raise the efficiency and flexibility bar even higher.