Dealing with loudspeaker-to-microphone feedback

Active Audio explains you how to control the feedback when a microphone is amplified on a loudspeaker: gain's set up, number of microphones and loudspeakers and more...

How does the number of loudspeakers influence speech intelligibility?

This video presents the different consequences of a certain loudspeakers' position in a room over the sound quality et its energy.

How does a loudspeaker interact with a room?

The sequence of echoes is studied in this video: reflexions, sound energy or reverberation time explanations are given here

How does one characterize speech intelligibility?

There are several methods to characterize the speech intelligibility. One of them is the STI measurement. This video will allow you to understand how this index works.

Is everything about speech intelligibility?

The subject of acoustic comfort is addressed here. It is a multidimensional issue which is not really taken into account by the STI.

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