The Singha Complex in Bangkok, the new Active Audio installation

Active Audio signs a prestige sound reinforcement in the brand-new luxury Singha Complex in Bangkok, Thailand. This very high standing complex includes many services such as co-working rooms, amphitheatres, nearly 20 restaurants and shops.

In this massive complex, Active Audio’s columns speakers have been selected by our distributor Mahajak Development Co., Ltd to be placed in three different locations in the co-working area: the main hall, with a 200-seats capacity, is now equipped with two StepArray SA230P+, and, two Ray-On R120+ columns are installed in the 200-seats co-working main zone as well as in the meeting room able to welcome 30 people. Thanks to their design, Active Audio’s columns bring a true discretion and adaptation to this luxury venue, allowing at the same time an excellent intelligibility thanks to their technology, making them the perfect sound system for the meetings, seminars and other corporate events organized there.

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