Arbane Groupe hires Alain Boone

Arbane Groupe Hires Alain Boone as International Sales Manager.

Tremblay-en-France (France), 30th March 2021 – Arbane Groupe has hired Alain Boone, formerly of loudspeaker manufacturer Nexo, as its new international sales manager. Alain will oversee the development of an exclusive distribution network for Arbane Groupe and its brands (APG and Active Audio), as well as maintaining existing relationships with the company’s historical partners worldwide.

An industry veteran, Alain Boone has been active in the pro audio industry for more than 30 years: he made the shift from concert touring and system engineering to work as a product / sales manager in the Benelux region for audio distributor EML / AudioXL, before going on to serve as Nexo’s EMEA sales manager for six years.

“I’ve spent many years maintaining and optimising relationships between distributors and manufacturers, all while integrating products into customers’ projects to ensure that they are carried out as efficiently as possible,” said Alain. “My engineering experience has also given me the ability to provide customers with technical as well as commercial guidance, all the way from the inception of a project to its final delivery.”

Boone will be reporting to Arbane Groupe CEO Régis Cazin; he will work very closely with the entire team at Arbane Groupe, particularly the R&D and support / marketing departments. “I’ll be active worldwide for the Arbane Groupe – excluding France, which is now handled by Christophe Palluat – in order to work out a strong strategic plan for the future,” he said.

One of his most important tasks will be identifying partners – such as consultants and integrators – which might benefit from the introduction of both the APG and Active Audio brands into their projects.

“Various technologies have been integrated into the Arbane Groupe product lines, including the unique and patented DGRC technology for Step-Array speakers,” said Alain. “This innovation delivers consistent sound coverage and the superior clarity and sound quality traditionally found in high-end controlled directivity systems; something that can be beneficial in a variety of applications.”

As well as taking the decision to concentrate on the development of new installation-focused products in the wake of the pandemic, Arbane Group’s R&D team has also been working on innovative and valuable solutions for the rental sector; an area that Boone believes both brands can continue to thrive within.

“A good return on investment will become very important for rental customers moving forward, and here we can make a big difference as a manufacturer. The performance / price ratio with APG and Active Audio products truly is second to none,” he said.

“We are very proud to have Alain on board,” commented Régis Cazin. “His experience, his knowledge of technologies and markets, as well as a very large international network of customers who trust him will be great assets for our brands. The company is continuing its international transformation to ensure strong and regular growth, which will be achieved by the contribution of people with expertise in our businesses. This is the case for Alain, and we are thrilled to welcome him to Arbane Groupe to become part of our adventure.”

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