StepArray+ Series: Technologies

Digital & Geometric Radiation Control (DGRC)

StepArray+ column speakers enjoy the benefits of the two main current technologies for directivity control by implementing a hybrid principle patented by Active Audio: DGRC, digital and geometric radiation control.

DGRC principle


Dante enabled

With Dante™, Audinate has revolutionized how AV systems are connected. By transporting high-resolution signals over standard computer networks, Dante™ has finally brought affordability and reliability to audio over IP.

StepArray+ users will appreciate the sound performance achieved by the loss-free transmission of digital signals as well as the virtual absence of latency – less than one millisecond. In addition to delivering pure performance, Dante™ provides superior flexibility and real-time diagnostics of the installation.

StepArray+ also supports the use of existing network cables and saves significant money on wiring with up to 64 channels over a single Ethernet cable. StepArray+ combines the qualities of Dante™ and StepArray to raise the efficiency and flexibility bar even higher.


ICEpower amplifier

By deciding to fit its StepArray+ column loudspeakers with ICEpower amplifier modules, Audio Active’s R&D team has chosen a well-known, controlled and robust technology. ICEpower has already carved itself a solid reputation. The Class D amplifier modules built into StepArray+ loudspeakers ensure superlative performance: their space-saving design and efficiency eliminate the problems generally experienced with embedded circuitry, namely weight, electricity use and heat generation.